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Glasgow Coffee Festival 2022

Glasgow Coffee Festival 2022

GCF is back! We’ll be at The Briggait this year on the 7th and 8th May and we can’t wait to have you there to experience delicious brews from the incredible Scottish coffee community!

This year we’re not only bringing back the festival to The Briggait, we’re bringing it back to the streets of Glasgow with a ‘to the streets’ ticket valid for deals and discounts in over 50 of your favourite speciality coffee shops for 14 days!

A caffeinated fortnight of coffee beans, baristas and brews! Your #GCF22 ticket is supporting our local cafe culture – all for the price of a couple of cups of coffee!

In 2014 we launched the first ever coffee festival in Scotland! The event has expanded from a one day session to 4 sessions over 2 days!

In 2020 we switched it up and used the city of Glasgow as our venue!  This year we’re combining the two festival concepts and having the BIGGEST SCOTTISH COFFEE FESTIVAL EVER… over 14 days!

This year ticket holders* can attend the festival at The Briggait on the morning or afternoon of Saturday 7th or Sunday 8th May. These tickets are also available to use at the ‘to the streets’ version of the festival for deals and discounts in participating specialty coffee businesses around Glasgow from 2nd – 15th May!

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