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Tallinn Coffee Festival 2022

Tallinn Coffee Festival 2022

The Tallinn Coffee Festival is an event around coffee and other hot drinks such as tea and hot chocolate. It is aimed at both coffee lovers in general and trade visitors involved in coffee roasting, operators of cafes or restaurants as well as sales people. At Tallinn Creative Hub, the former central power station of the city, visitors can taste different coffee specialities in a stylish atmosphere with music and entertainment learning interesting facts about methods of preparation and the coffee culture in general. Renowned industry experts from Estonia all over Europe hold presentations, present the latest equipment and organize master classes. A barista competition takes place as an additional highlight. A visit to the Tallinn Coffee Festival is also worthwhile as a trip for the whole family. Admission is free for children up to the age of 12. The Tallinn Coffee Festival will take place on 2 days from Friday, 02. September to Saturday, 03. September 2022 in Tallinn.

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