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Sensory Summit 2022

Sensory Summit 2022

A coffee sensory science event

Sensory Summit is a two-day conference designed to educate, inform, and inspire the Specialty Coffee sensory professional. Topics for Sensory Summit include incorporating techniques of sensory science into the coffee taster’s repertoire, latest reports about ongoing coffee extraction and consumer research, using new tools to sharpen tasting acuity and repeatability, improving coffee quality and consistency using established sensory methods, and incorporating learnings from wine, beer, and food science into specialty coffee.

Instructors include industry-leading specialty coffee professionals and academic researchers from UC Davis and elsewhere, lending both applied knowledge and academic rigor to the sessions. Delivered over 2+ days of intensive seminars and workshops, attendees can expect valuable information and direct sensory experience (tasting, smelling, and sensory demonstration) in every session.

Thanks to the support of the Coffee Roasters Guild, the Sensory Summit event was created and established as one of the industry-leading scientific events within the specialty coffee industry, engaging coffee professionals worldwide.

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