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High Density 2022

High Density 2022

Join us for High Density – a free conference for all coffee people. Aimed at being accessible and practical to coffee professionals all over the world, the full-day program showcases the brightest leaders and game-changing ideas in specialty coffee right now.

The line-up, featuring over 50 global speakers, has been expertly curated by a group of internationally-based coffee professionals – Ana Luiza Pellicer, Marissa Childers, Chris McAuley, Kat Melheim, and SungHee Tark. Their five sections – On the Farm, Behind the Bar, In the Community, On the Page, and for the Future, respectively – are designed to reflect the range of diverse paths of the specialty coffee industry.

In addition to a live-chat element designed for attendees to connect with Speakers throughout the day, Interactive Elements are available as upgrades to certain sessions – from delicious bags of coffee to killer latte art tool kits… and more! And if you’re planning to tune into High Density as a group, Watch Parties are a great option for making the conference an exciting event right in your own space – and they’re totally free!

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